And the Oscar goes to

“So what type of work do you do?”, we all get the question, right? I generally responded, “I’m an architectural photographer.”, and then comes the look, the wheels grinding in the head of the questioner, and slowly the follow up question, often asked with a very careful choice of words and some times quite bluntly, “So what exactly do you take pictures of?”. After giving the schpeel on types of projects and type of clients, usually leads to the following question, “So why do they hire you, what do they do with the photos?”, my answer, among many things, “To win awards!”

When I receive emails or calls from clients ecstatic about an award, I’m equally charged and proud. So when I received word from Kevin Babb of Cockfield Jackson Architects that St John the Baptist Catholic Church was awarded a Louisiana AIA Honor Award I was thrilled. To learn that only two Honor Awards were awarded from the fifty submissions, I was even more thrilled.

The general contractor on the project, Faulk and Meek, also received well deserved accolades for the project. The Alliant Awards, known as the "Oscars of the construction industry, presented by the Associated General Contractors of America recognized the project in the under $10 Million category. The project was one of 15 presented nationally.

Congratulations to all the professionals that breather life back into the gem of a church.

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