The Journey Begins

I recall in English class the professor sharing, "if your stuck on the intro, move on and come back to it once you've completed all of your thoughts". The daunting task of the first blog post brings with it equal pressure and desire to use just the right words to entice the reader to return for each subsequent posting. But as a photographer, I generally speak through images; composition, light, color, texture, shape, props are the words. The language of writing through images is my passion and my goal in this blog is to share the journey of this passion. With any journey of meaning, there are struggles to balance the successes; tears so that laughter is more heart felt and days you wonder if Wal Mart is hiring that make that next exciting image created burn more brightly in your soul.

So, I invite you to follow along, the journey of an architectural photographer, where weekly you will be entertained with fresh new images of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, fine art and travels throughout the globe.

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