The Twelve Days of Christmas and Instagram

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Tijuana Border Crossing

The forms of marketing at our fingertips today are quickly becoming the digital Twelve Days of Christmas (its the Holidays right? So I had to make a connection). I'm wondering when the same analysts that price out the cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas will focus their sites on the total cost, both time and dollars, for businesses in todays marketing venues. Certainly it varies by size, type and goal of each individual company. As a small business, and I mean singular small, as in, well, it's yours truly and yours truly alone, the time investment is often the gargantuan hurdle faced. Frankly, some of the venues for marketing I don't break into an Irish jig for, but occasionally I'll feel the music and bust a jig, or two. (Thankfully only my closest friends and family have ever witnessed my "sense" of rhythm)

Early Morning Fog Downtown Dallas

I'd heard about Instagram, but didn't completely grasp the concept until brought up to speed by my kids, isn't that so often the case these days. Evolution of our society eh? There was a day when the kids helped sow and harvest the crops, now they train their parents on technology. So now the interesting, humorous, thoughtful and inspiring images I look to capture with my iPhone have a home and hopefully an audience to enjoy. If you've made it to this point of this blog post and so inclined to follow along on my Instagram journey, look me up at c_hatter_photo and catch a glimpse behind the scenes of the images on the website.

Afternoon Clouds Alamo California

Houston Hobby Airport

Breaking Through the Clouds

Recovering from Knee Surgery

Infinity Edge Pool Prescott Arizona

Indoor Batting Cages Texas

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