Civic & Cultural

Projects designed for and utilized by the public, from places of worship to libraries; spaces celebrating display and performance of the arts to places of government.



Interior and exterior photography of corporate spaces from conference rooms in high rise buildings to corporate campuses and young startup cooperative work spaces.



Projects capturing the facilities of learning and education. Interior and exterior, from the classroom to the athletic field and the university campus to the elementary school.


Healthcare & Research

Projects that provide a location for the community to seek healthcare for a routine exam to emergency care and centers where the scientific research is founded and developed to cure.



Projects designed and created for relaxation and enjoyment from hotels and resorts to dining experiences. A place to spend the day in the spa or poolside and on the open water.



Projects designed with the consumer in mind. Creating an experience for shoppers and visitors indoors and outdoors to explore clothing, gifts, vehicles and entertainment.


Residential Interiors

Projects depicting the interior of the home and its marriage of architecture and design. Images showcase the details of form, function, finishes and flow in its use by the owners.


Residential Exteriors

Projects depicting the exterior of the home and its marriage of architecture and space. Images showcase the details of architectural design, color and light in relationship to surroundings.


Kitchen & Bath

Projects that focus on the residential kitchen and bath. Illustrating the range of styles, modern to traditional, finishes, rustic to sleek and overall feel of the space from bright airy to dramatic and moody.


Landscape Architecture

Projects that illustrate the design of outdoor areas in residential and commercial applications. Images capture the relationship of people to the environment among the aesthetics of structure and nature.



Images captured to promote specific materials used in the design industry. For the home or office, from furnishings to fixtures and materials used inside and outside for walls and floors.


Outdoor Living

Projects depicting how we live outdoors. Images capture the moments we spend with family on a summer pool day to a cool fall fireplace evening and quiet moments relaxing outdoors.


Fine Art

A Photographer utilizes the camera to capture and express the visions they find in their world. The simplicity, yet complexity of expression in black and white of a world in color creates images to hang and feed the soul.


Feature Project

The City of Del Mar, after decades of planning, completed their new civic complex. The Miller Hull Partnership, architect, designed a project to meet the needs of city government and a community gathering space.



An architectural and interior photographer travels to their projects, they do not come to them. Along these travels, by air, land and sea, images are constantly captured, it is in the DNA of a photographer.